Why Buy and Air Curtain Destructor From Concept Products


  • We have produced more Air Curtain Destructors than any other manufacture period. 

  • Our units produce the highest volume of cubic air at the highest speeds with the least fuel burned. 

  • Our units are the most durable, featuring all metal heavy construction.

  • Securable on the job site. (Lockable engine cover and tool compartment)

  • Easily transported.  Heavy duty tandem axels with electric brakes.  Proper weight distribution for towing. 

  • Our air distribution system is oversized to provide the least resistance and the highest volume of air from a unique forward curve centrifugal. 

  • Concept Products ACD's are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility. 



















What to look for in an ACD


The effectiveness and efficiency of an ACD can be measured directly by how large a volume of air and how high an airspeed can be produced. This air flow must then be evenly distributed across the nozzle length. To accomplish this large balance of air movement requires LARGE VOLUME DUCT SYSTEMS. The large duct allows large volumes of air and higher pressures to be delivered efficiently to the curtain increasing the oxygen and raising the fire temperatures, thus increasing the consumption of burnable material. Air speed or air velocity not only provides the smoke seal over the and the re-circulation resulting in an increase in turbulence's allowing for a faster and more complete burn. Contrary to some, the extra oxygen/air is consumed by the hotter fire creating a neutral pressure between the underside of the curtain and the atmosphere pressure above.  Concept Products' ACD's produce more air at higher speeds/velocity evenly at the nozzle and with less horsepower than any other ACD. The direct results are more productive and shorter burns with lower horsepower requirements resulting in substantial fuel and time savings.





For commercial, industrial and municipal use, ACD's high temperature-controlled air-sealed incineration is the best method to dispose of:

  • Land clearing debris including tree stumps

  • Combustible construction site waste

  • Natural disaster clean-up



Unique Design



  • Easy one man operation, set-up in minutes (some bolting and lifting required on CP4000HD)

  • The ACD's specially designed and unique blower generates higher air speeds (up to 110 mph), at very low RPM's providing increased bearing life and noise reduction. Our blower is more efficient that propeller-type fans. The ACD's blower is able to produce greater static pressure and air volume with lower horsepower. This results in greater fuel economy.

  • The ACD's engine is protected from the fire by being behind the blower unit. The engine, battery, and fuel tank are protected from vandals with a lockable heavy steel enclosure.



All HD Series AIR CURTAIN DESTRUCTORS© Include the Following Features


  • Cold temperature start (glow plug)

  • Heavy duty Air Cleaner

  • Fuel filter

  • Tachometer and Hour Meter

  • Tandem axle trailer with electric brakes

  • Auto Shut Down upon loss/low oil pressure and high temperature

  • 30-gallon fuel tank

  • Extra high pressure & air volume, low noise fan

  • Heavy duty computer designed air distribution system

  • Continuous air nozzle

  • ACD is covered by a 6-month warranty

  • Engines warranted by engine manufacturers





ACD's can be loaded with a variety of equipment.